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Solosite* is a soothing hydrogel which creates a moist wound environment that aids healing and minimises the risk of scarring.

SoloSite* Gel creates and maintains an optimal moist wound environment as it desloughs and debrides. Unlike gels formulated with water miscible polymers, SoloSites water "swellable" polymer remains gel-like until saturated, so it stays in the wound longer and requires fewer dressing changes.

SoloSite has been proven non-cytotoxic, non-irritating and non-sensitising (Data on File). Its crystal-clear, physically stable formula doesnt change colour, enabling an unimpeded view of the wound.


- Preserved for multi-dose dispensing 
- Unique push-button spray pack 
- Convenient tube presentations, including the 20 gram 
effective debrider and deslougher 
- Promotes moist wound healing 
- Cost-effective


Debriding and Desloughing Action

- SoloSite Gel gently rehydrates sloughy and necrotic tissue which must be removed before healing can progress. SoloSite also absorbs excess exudate, thereby halting the build-up of cellular derbris and so helping to prevent slough formation. SoloSite Gel is easily applied and removed, with gentle irrigation being all that is required for removal.

Moist Wound Healing

- SoloSite Gel provides a moist environment at the wound surface, preventing eschar formation and promoting fast, painless and problem free healing.

Multi-dose Dispensing

- SoloSite Gel contains effective preservatives to ensure that multiple reuse of the spray pack or tube may occur without fear of increasing the risk of wound infection.

Optimum Cost-Effectiveness

- SoloSite Gel offers unequalled cost-effectiveness with its multi-dose presentation, whilst significantly reducing the potential for wastage.


Preserved Multi-Use Hydrogel

Dressing Changes

SoloSite* Gel should be removed if leakage of exudate occurs past the secondary dressing. Daily dressing changes are recommended for maximum effectiveness, but SoloSite may be left in the wound for longer periods, if required.

Secondary Dressing

SoloSite Gel should be used in conjunction with a secondary dressing. The condition of the wound determines the choice of this dressing and the frequency of change.


Semi-permeable Film Dressing eg. Opsite* Flexigrid* , Melolin*


Absorbent Dressing eg. Melolin , Exu-Dry*

Where maximum absorbency is required, use Allevyn* Hydrocellular Dressings.